Wedding Details...

The Wedding
Your Wedding Day is perhaps the most important celebration in your lifetime! Considering all the preparations you are faced with, the last thing you need is inexperienced vendors. With more than 20 years experience in the wedding entertainment industry, DJ Uncle Hank Entertainment is proud of its reputation, filled with all the necessary attributes anyone can expect and trust for such an important event! DJ Uncle Hank Entertainment is committed in realizing your dream wedding...from the planning, to the fun filled reception you aspire, we provide worry-free service and satisfaction! 

Set-Up & Breakdown 
There is never a set-up or breakdown fee. We arrive at your event approximately 60 to 90 minutes early, depending upon the set-up, test our sound system, and will be ready to introduce ourselves to your guests as they arrive!

Unless otherwise requested -such as the case of theme weddings, formal attire is the standard for a wedding reception.    

Music & Requests 
Requests are always encouraged! DJ Uncle Hank Entertainment has hundreds of thousands of songs in his database, with the most popular genres. The art of entertaining requires sensibility to connect with the crowd, spinning a flow of music selected to keep the dance floor filled with excitement! We will play to your crowd demographics and also work in your music selections at the appropriate times to keep your dance floor filled and guests entertained!  

Guest Interaction 
Our performance can be as laid back or as interactive as you like! We are professional wedding DJ experts who have diverse crowd experience and are ready to serve all age groups, preferences, and styles!   

DJ Uncle Hank Entertainment is equipped with state-of-the-art pro audio and lighting gear. With brands like Bose, JBL, Shure, Crest, Mackie, Pioneer & Gateway, to name a few, you can be assured that the sound fidelity will be fantastic, with backup equipment always available!

*For further information, pricing, and availability, please visit our Contact page!